I am a PhD student at Plataforma Solar de Almería.My research focuses on the development and application of photochemical and photocatalytic processes for disinfection,decontamination and reuse of wastewater. In the period from September to December 2017, I had the opportunity to complete a placement in Northern Ireland Water in collaboration with Ulster University. During this period I collected and analyzed several wastewater samples. The characterization of these samples was focused on the microbiological content, more specifically in the detection, quantification and isolation of wild bacteria (including antibiotic-resistant bacteria,ARB). Moreover, I worked on the optimization of a photoelectrochemical reactor for wastewater disinfection. It was a enriching experience due to I had the opportunity to work with excellent professionals and researchers. *The images show the recollection of samples and their treatment and analysis.
I am a PhD student at Ulster University working on Water and Energy nexus. I am currently on a secondment in Murcia (South of Spain). During my secondment, I had an opportunity to visit the Irrigation Community of Tajo Segura de Librilla. This community has a complete automation system for irrigation that can be operated from any location through any device, that is connected to the internet to optimize the use of water and in turn of eletricity. They have also installed a Solar Photovoltaic system to power their pumping station.  Antonio Perez Vidal, an Engineer at Batchline Control, who is also team member of the Irribatch (a control system for irrigation community), has demonstrated us the Irribatch software working, which is the control system used by the Irrigation Community of Tajo segura de Librilla. Irribatch is a hydrant remote control system developed by Batchline Control for the automation of the irrigation by the Irrigation Community with low intelligence. It is transparent and can be communicated through different modes of transmission, such as radio, UHF, WIMAX, GPRS, WIFI and cables. I hope, by installation of such systems, that we can have substantial changes in electricity and water utilization, and can save electricity and water to certain extent in different parts of the world.

The acceptance of society in innovation

Written by Tuesday, 25 July 2017 13:32
Society's acceptance in wastewater management innovation in urban areas is key to the adoption of new systems and technologies.