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The ALICE project partners met a number of key stakeholders during the Stakeholder Breakfast held in Brussels as part of the project kick-off meeting. 
Hosted at the Northern Ireland Executive Brussels Office, Prof. Neil J Hewitt, Director CST, Ulster University, ALICE project leader gave an overview of the project and key areas. 
Some of the main insights shared during the stakeholder breakfast:

Ms. Els de Roeck, Team leader for Water industry European Commission EU Environment Unit C.2 Marine Environment & Water Industry: "

Most funding is now focusing on construction of EU water treatment plans.. Around 600.000 full time jobs will be produced if umbrella EU Water Framework Directive is fully implemented".

r. Richard Elelman, European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water, Action Group City Blueprints: 

"Three key factors of success #CitizenEngagement #IntresectoralCooperation #ContinuityofResults"
Mr. Durk Krol, Director @Water Technology Platform for Water: "

3 out of 4 jobs that make up the entire global workforce are water-dependent".

More photos on the project official Facebook page here