Cross-sector collaboration to promote innovation in the water sector. Analysing and drawing well-documented results from the case of Murcia, Spain. 

Lorenzo Compagnucci and Francesca Spigarelli from the University of Macerata in Italy (Alice project partners) have published a paper, which is an evidence-based contribution to understanding Triple Helix Model (THM) relations and the path to innovation policy in the water sector. The analysis focuses on the interaction between university–industry–government, with specific reference to the Murcia region in Southeast Spain. This region combines a chronic shortage of water and a leading role for agriculture. Starting from the experience of a researcher, working for the General Water Council of the Murcia Region, this paper is based on both desk research and in-depth personal interviews with representatives of THM actors. You can download and read the paper here Compagnucci, L.; Spigarelli, F. Fostering Cross-Sector Collaboration to Promote Innovation in the Water Sector. Sustainability 2018, 10, 4154.